Inspection + Reporting Systems


Tailored inspection and reporting systems

We design and deliver the platform your business needs to produce custom reports for estimating jobs, evidencing completed works, certifying compliance or any other application that requires a detailed record of inspection.

Collect data on-site using a native mobile app

Generate branded reports using templates

Client portal for tracking compliance, remediation or assets

Integrate with SimPRO or other platforms

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We optimise your inspection and reporting processes

Accurate data

Our inspection apps are specifically designed to capture only necessary data, making direct data entry at the inspection site effortless. The app minimizes errors, enhancing data reliability, and is user-friendly for your field staff.

Professional reports

Generate professional reports at the click of a button. Reports are consistent and don’t need any manual adjustment. We set up templates for different types of reports as needed.

Quality reports for your clients

Generate professional looking branded reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Audit reports
  • Certification reports
  • Estimates
  • Defect or hazard reports
Include cover pages, certifications or any pre-defined content
Optimised PDFs for easy distribution
Centralised storage means all your reports are in one place

Gather quality data in the field

Based on your specific business requirements we deliver an app that:

  • Gathers the exact information necessary to produce the reports you need
  • Intentionally designed to make the job of your field staff as easy as possible
  • Minimises opportunity for user error
Collect precise data

Field staff document safety issues, repair items, damage, compliance items or any other data you need to record and report on.

Working offline

When internet access is limited on-site, basic form-based apps fall short. Our platform collects inspection data directly on the user’s device without needing an internet connection. Once the job is complete and the device is connected to Wi-Fi, the data can be synced to the cloud.


GPS location tagging and timestamps on each inspection item ensures that where and when data is collected can be easily demonstrated and verified.


Drawing on our extensive experience in user interface design and our deep understanding of field operations, we deliver apps that are intuitive and easy to use.

A picture says 1000 words

Capture as many photos as needed to accurately document items. Media is stored within the app and not in the user’s photo library and is easily deleted freeing up storage on the user’s device after it has been synced.


If your requirements change or your business expands, we can work with you to modify your app any time.

Why choose a purpose built solution?

Off The Shelf

You assess the capabilities and fit your business needs into their feature set

You or your team need to learn the software in order to spend days, weeks or even months configuring it to your needs

You are reliant on the third party to keep the app opperational

Using a mobile app with generic forms in the field can be cumbersome and result in data input errors

You either skill up internally to induct new staff or rely on the third party to deliver training


Purpose Built

We assess what you need and design the ideal solution

You share your existing processes and reports, then we do all the work

The app is controlled by you, built on tech that is portable and not ultimately reliant on us

Our mobile apps are intentionally designed to make it easy for your field staff

Because our apps follow your existing business processes, using them becomes intuitive reducing the need for external training and user support

You are in control of your data

Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting

Your inspection and reporting platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure for ultimate data security, reliability, speed and continuity.

We’ve got your back

Ongoing Support

Our support team partner with you to solve issues efficiently and thoroughly. We’re on standby when you need us.

Continuous Improvement

Because our solutions are configured to your specific needs, it also means we can modify and extend it as your business needs grow or change.

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