Founded in 1998

Operating continuously since the early days of the internet in Australia, the Web Matrix team has seen web trends come and go – and then come back again. There’s no issue we haven’t solved and no project we haven’t completed. With a depth of experience and knowledge across all industries and multiple disciplines, we know the efficient paths that deliver positive results. Working with a range of inspired clients, we are always learning and refining our skills, giving us fresh insights that lead to successful outcomes.

Strategy + planning

  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User + Customer Experience (UX/CX)
  • Journey maps
  • Wireframes + prototypes

Creative design

  • Modern + unique
  • Device agnostic
  • Engaging + on brand
  • Low-friction

Website production

  • Elegantly responsive
  • Search + performance optimised
  • Accessible
  • User centric

Application development

  • Web and mobile apps
  • API integrations
  • Agile + iterative
  • Security at the core

Hosting + infrastructure

  • Dedicated server web hosting
  • Azure + AWS support
  • Security + redundancy
  • Disaster recovery

Dedicated to support

  • We ♥ our clients
  • Structured, reliable + responsive
  • Proactive
  • Reportable

Working in website development across a diverse range of industries over the last 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to operate many CMS platforms. For mid-large scale projects we prefer the DNN platform for its scalability and exceptional security.

Following are services we provide, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in DNN.

  • Provide resource to support and assist with your DNN website
  • Review security of existing DNN instances
  • Perform DNN upgrades and Telerik removal
  • Plan, design, build and deploy complete DNN solutions
  • Develop bespoke DNN modules
  • DNN Evoq conversion to DNN Community Edition
  • DNN website hosting and support